Are you on schedule? Find out with this: the ultimate wedding checklist

I am not giving you this checklist to scare you… ok, maybe I AM giving you this checklist to scare you! 😉 But seriously, this is an excellent roadmap to making sure that the little things don’t pile up as the clock ticks down to your big day.

If you are behind, fear not! I am happy to triage with you and handle the most pressing things first, carefully chipping away at tasks until you are caught up – and possibly even ahead of schedule!


A great photography checklist for your day-of

Most brides work with seasoned pros who have spent years carefully putting together a check-list of must-have photos. But there are plenty of couples out there who considering something a little more personal and DIY – either for budgetary reasons or because you have a close connection to someone who is an excellent photographer.

For them, and for anyone who wants a sense of what the standard day-of photos consist of, I like to keep this checklist handy (credit where credit is due – this was put together by the experts at Shutterfly)

The economics of hiring a wedding planner

Even though hiring a planner is certainly an up-front cost, we often are able to save couples so much money that our services almost pay for themselves. Seriously!

We have great connections – we know awesome vendors and can help you in your selection process. When a wedding planner truly understands your wedding vision, she can steer you in the right direction to vendors who will work well for you – and sometimes, even just having a planner on board will keep vendors on their best behavior!

I once had a bride who was just days away from signing a four-figure contract with a rental company that specialized in massive tents. (I am withholding the names here to protect the not-so-innocent!) Now, the rental company that I frequently worked with in that area generally gave the option of either a clear-panel top (perfect to see the stars on a country night!) or a standard white-panel top. But somehow, when this rental company owner learned that bride had her heart set on a clear-panel top, he worked in a $100 up-charge on clear panels… $100 per panel! It was, he insisted, a ‘premium quality PVC.’

Ladies, PVC is PVC – and as soon as I got on-board in the planning process, I got on the phone with him and told him so myself. On behalf of my client, I told him the price we were willing to pay for this ‘premium:’ Zero. This was his chance to redeem himself and not, I warned, have news of his questionable business practices spread on social media.

In the end, she got the panels at no charge – as well her heat lamps included as a gift, to apologize for all of the ‘confusion.’

You need someone on your side who is as caring for you as she is ruthless with your vendors. Luckily, that’s my specialty 😉