A letter from the heart…

Dear Bride,

Before I was a wedding planner, I was a sister, a friend, and a bridesmaid. And in all of the time I have known brides, both personally and professionally, I don’t think I ever met one who, after all the cake was eaten and the dances danced, thought to herself: “I wish I had spent more time planning the timing of the salad course and the lighting cues for the first dance!”

No, usually what happens is that, at some point months into the planning process, even the most zen brides have a total meltdown. I’m not just talking about Bridezilla here – I am talking about an intelligent, loving fiancée who is completely overwhelmed and beyond stressed. Her lunch hours have been lost to calling caterers, her leisurely Sunday mornings are now filled thrift-store hunting for budget-friendly decorations, and, at some point, the fact that all of this is supposed to be a celebration of love got lost under the pile of emails and to-do reminders.

For the lucky brides, this is where I come in. I view my mission as a simple one: to take away from couples all of the stress that unavoidably comes with managing a hundred small details at once and give them a sense of peace and trust that, on their big day, they will be able to focus on the only thing that really matters: each other.

I am 100% opposed to the idea that wedding planning is a service exclusively for rich couples with six-figure weddings. Simply put, the ability to remember your wedding day as nothing more or less than a blissful celebration of your love and commitment should not be a luxury. This is the service that I offer; this is what I do – and I can’t wait for the chance to get to know you and your vision for the big day, and offer this to you.